Miss Slaboski

Hello there!  My name is Miss Slaboski and I am the 4th grade reading and social studies teacher at Washington Irving Elementary School.  I am a graduate of Purdue University and this is my third school year at Irving.  I have always had a passion for working with children and teaching is truly where my heart is.  I believe that all children deserve a teacher who is going to be their advocate, their coach, their cheerleader, and the person who sees the potential in them; and that is the teacher that you can expect me to be.  I have great expectations for each of my students, and I plan to raise the bar high, knowing that they will reach it.  I look forward to a wonderful year together!  
Email: kmslaboski@hammond.k12.in.us
Phone: 219-933-2467 ext.5628

"No matter who you are, somebody's learning from you.  Everybody's a teacher, and everybody's a student.  What are you teaching the world?"
- Kid President