Ms. Bewley welcomes you to physical education where you will be physically and academically challenged, have many opportunities to partake in a variety of physical and academic activities, and have fun doing it! 

Physical Education Rules

  • You must wear non-marking gym shoes. Parents will be notified by a note.
  • No gum
  • If you are unable to participate in physical education due to illness or injury, see the school nurse and please send me a note so I am aware of the situation.
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be allowed, a note will go home to be signed and returned regarding your child’s behavior.


  • Demonstrate abilities and participate to your personal best levels.
  • Display a positive attitude toward self and others.
  • Exhibit positive leadership qualities.
  • Be Respectful, Organized, Attentive, and Responsible(ROAR) at all times.
  • Deliver 100% effort.



Physical Education Activities

  • Learn the skills and play:
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Floor Hockey
    • Racquet Sports
    • Kickball/Softball
    • Fitness/Jump Rope
    • Soccer
    • Games/Activities
    • Parachute
  • Learn about the link between physical education and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • Become physically fit
  • Participate regularly in physical activities both in and out of school.

Guidelines for your successful participation.

  • Wear gym shoes
  • Follow directions
  • Listen Carefully
  • Give your maximum effort
  • Treat others with respect

ROAR Qualities for Students


  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Be willing to share and take turns
  • Accept others as they are
  • Talk in a friendly manner
  • Call each other by name


  • Use good listening skills
  • Be aware of surroundings
  • Focus on speaker or activity


  • Come to class prepared
  • Inside gym shoes TIED
  • Appropriate attire


  • Answer for your own behavior
  • Accept and follow rules
  • Take good care of the equipment
  • Stay physically fit
  • Do your best
  • Be honest, fair and cooperative.
  • Set personal goals and strategies to meet them
  • Be creative
  • Be an effective problem solver


  • Jump for Heart

Parental Involvement

  • Field Day May 21st. We love for parents to be a part! *Make sure you have your Background Check on record with our office.
  • Annual Group/Club Bowling Trip - occurs sometime in April/May.  We would love for you to chaperone! *Make sure you have your Background Check on record with our office.