Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral Expectations


Parents, your child is ‘learning the ropes’ in kindergarten and it is quite different from preschool. The kindergarten classroom is a much more structured learning environment than preschool. There are many goals that we must reach by the end of this year, so there are rules and consequences in place to ensure that we maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. Listed below are the classroom rules we came up with during the 1st week of school.

In Our Classroom We…

  1. Listen to our teacher
  2. Keep our hands to ourselves
  3. Raise our hands
  4. Use inside voices
  5. Use walking feet
  6. Use kind words

Keep in mind, these rules are the basic expectations for most classrooms and will help your child learn how to be studious and function within an academic setting. To help your child remember the rules, we have a consequence in place whenever they forget to follow them. We use a color-coded behavior system that goes as follows:

  • Pink = Best Day Ever!
  • Purple = Great Day
  • Blue = Good Day
  • Green = Ready to Learn
  • Yellow = Slow Down (reminder)
  • Orange = Teacher’s Choice (unsatisfactory)
  • Red = Parent Contact (unacceptable)

Each morning, your child starts on green. According to the choices they make, they either move up or down the color scale. Going above and beyond in being a good classmate (helping others, assisting me, putting others before themselves) will allow your child to move up a color (to blue, then purple, then pink). If your child makes poor behavior choices, they will move down the color scale (to yellow, then orange, then red). However, if they begin making the right choices, they can redeem themselves and move back up a color. The behavior chart will be located at the back of your child’s Take-Home folder. At the end of each day, your child will color in the date with the color they ended up on. Please check it daily, initial it, and encourage your child to follow the classroom rules.

Thank you,

Mrs. Reed